WHO ARE YOU? - Italy, 2017

An Italian city. A carnival. A stranger.
Who are you?...
A detail that captures the artists attention.
Who are you?...
A question. A “yes”. An unexpected journey.

By leaving models’ faces “behind the scenes” Jesús Ruiz Diaz turns a simple composition choice and the pop-up flash of the camera into a manifesto of the women’s beauty.

Unchained  by their anonymity, models reveal their nature through a mosaic of styles, gestures and poses. The artist shows how easily an authentic beauty goes beyond the social identity, the mess of a carnival or the limits of the frame.

The project is born in February 2017 during a Carnival in Pisa.. For the moment it contains about 80 images and Jesús will continue his work asking himself and beautiful strangers around « Who are you? ».

Text by the free lance art dealer y curator Masha Kalina.