About the Artist



Jesús was born in 1985 in Asunción, Paraguay and he is currently established in Paris, France.

Influenced by artists like Marina Abramovic and Nancy Burson or photographers like W. Eugene Smith and Gregory Crewdson is the reason why Ruiz Diaz considers himself a Visual artist. Most of his education is related to photography however he is constantly looking to innovate in every work he is developing and also experiment with different ways of showing his work.

Through this years Ruiz Diaz has practiced different types of photography like Fashion, Architectural, Portraiture and Food photography.

Nowadays Ruiz Diaz is focussed on developing Documentary Photography and that's the reason that in 2018 he moves back to Asunción To start working with social issues and also share what he has experienced in the field of photography.

He mostly shoots digital using artificial lights to create the ambient he wants for each work however he is also shooting film nowadays.

August 2014 to November 2015 at ITSI Asuncion.

February 2016 to April 2016 at NYFA New York.

September 2016 to July 2017 at Speos Paris.